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Automated tester within DevOps

Göteborg, Sweden
For a customer we are looking for Automated tester. Come and work with the newest technologies within the coolest domain in Gothenburg. Along with new cloud technologies, we are utilizing a scaled agile way of working within a micro services architecture.
Continuous Integration/Deployment with a high degree of automated tests within a DevOps culture are essential to us.
Our domain of work is a Cloud environment connected to the cars. Some of the sub-domains are.
•                         AD Approval signals for autonomous vehicles
•                         Situation Alerts to both connected and autonomous vehicles
•                         Traffic Advice
•                         Probe source data processing
•                        Infrastructure to car communication, including the processing of traffic light
•                        Car to cloud communication to feed off board systems with events within traffic which could increase the risk of accidents
•                         Brake Prediction information to reduce fuel consumption
•                         Geofencing to reduce emissions within urban areas for Plugin Hybrids
•                         Cloud to cloud integrations for a lot of different use cases
We are looking for someone who is delivery focused, pro-active and able to work under unclear or rapidly changing conditions.
The candidate should be technically skilled with both interest and experience of new technologies. If those are in the areas of stream processing and/or micro service architecture, we can also consider candidates with less work experience.
A strong, driven, highly communicative person that is not afraid of getting his/her hands dirty is required. The candidate should have a broad competence ranging from hands-on development to the mentioned skills below.
Skills solicited:
- Stream processing mechanics
- Micro service architecture
- Experience with some of Spring Boot, Kafka, Docker
- Realtime system development
- Event-driven and reactive development
- Geospatial processing
- Information modelling and architecture
- Communication networks and Integration Architecture/Patterns
- Data mining and analytics
- Develop and champion policies, standards and principles
- Vehicle telematics domain
- Excellent analytical skills
- Cloud and virtualization experience
- Communication, facilitation and presentation skills
- Communication networks and Integration Architecture/Patterns
- IT security
- Agile experience and understanding
- Great understanding of the software development life-cycle, software development frameworks,
  and the integration of security at the different phases of development
Start date: 2018-01-01
End date: 2018-07-01
Kontaktperson hos Castra:
Gert Ryberg
Tel.nr. 0709-107828
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